Bali Indonesia

Throughout history, people migrated to the island province of Bali from Indonesia’s larger province of Java, which is also the country’s economic center. Most of Indonesia’s small Hindu population resides in Bali, and over 83% of Balinese people identify as Hindu. Ornate Hindu temples are found throughout the province. These buildings show the culture’s diverse and sophisticated penchant for art. Balinese people are known for their complex knowledge of many different art forms from dance to sculpture, music to metalworking.


Balinese cuisine is also significant part of the culture. It is typically rice based and utilizes a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and spices. Although influenced by Chinese and Indian cuisine, Balinese food reflects Indigenous and Hindu tradition as well. Fruit vendors, night markets and food stands are very popular throughout Bali, as are cooking schools that offer tasting menus. Every Balinese cultural celebration revolves around elaborate meals.