Sivakasi: Child Labor

The caste system has been practiced in India for over 3000 years.  It is a social order that is determined by birth and dictates a person’s position in society.  The Dalits are considered outcasts, also known as Untouchables. Generational poverty makes Dalit children most likely to be exploited for labor. Worked an Indian NGO to explore the cottage industries, the long term affects that child labor causes on individuals, and the historical family need in Sivakasi, India. Interviewed families living in slums and teachers working in a school with the mission to keep children out of labor by providing an education and a midday meal for community children. Filmed and produced a documentary short that was used by the non-profit organization Bread&Water to help donors understand the historical injustices and their efforts to assist in changing the cultural norm by getting children out of the cycle of working in labor and into school.

Year: 2004

Location: Bangalore and Sivakasi, India

Sponsor: Bread&Water

Presented: Documentary Short: Touch the Untouchables