Polem Beach

Polem Beach, situated in the southernmost region of Goa, India is 2296 feet (700 m) long. Unlike many of Goa’s other beaches, which have been affected by the tourism industry and commercialization, Polem remains relatively untouched. Characterized by clear blue waters, sandy beaches, rocky ridges and a clean environment, it is a rarity in comparison to the numerous rivers and bodies of water riddled with pollution and garbage in the area. The pure waters make it a favorite fishing spot. Cows inhabit the area, many of which roam the beaches and surrounding vicinity, feeding on garbage left behind from tourists and businesses. These animals face little threat of being removed due to their sacred status in India; they are depicted as a holy animal in Hinduism and considered a maternal figure. The milk cows produce help sustain human life, representing the divine bounty of the Earth.