Sundarbans National Park Wildlife

Sundarbans National Park is located in the coastal region of West Bengal, covering 1645.6 square miles (4262 sq. km) in India, and 998 square miles (2585 sq. km) in Bangladesh. This cluster of low lying islands is mostly occupied by mangrove trees, and functions as an important refuge for migratory birds and globally threatened wildlife species, such as the Royal Bengal tiger, Gangetic dolphin and Olive Ridley turtle. This reserve is one of the largest reserves for the Royal Bengal tiger and is the only mangrove forest in the world where tigers can be found. The Sundarbans are part of the world’s largest delta, formed by the Ganges, Brahmaptura and Meghna rivers, as well as 56 islands. The saline water environment hosts distinctive birdlife, including brown-winged kingfishers, gray headed lapwings, Pallas fish eagles and mangrove whistlers.