Boothbay, Maine: The Hillside Cemetery

Founded by veterans of the Revolution of 1688, Boothbay, Maine was firstly inhabited by about 40 families of Scots and Irish travelers from the North of Ireland. The settlement survived the passing of time and was incorporated into a larger community. It was christened Boothbay in 1842, after the hamlet of Boothby in England. Today, it has a population of 3,120. During the colder months, a significant part of its inhabitants choose to move to other regions of the state.


On the green hills of Boothbay, there is an important landmark for the area: The Hillside Cemetery, which marks the rich history of the small town. Also known as Giles Cemetery, it is a place where many war veterans rest. From the Revolution that sent its first settlers, to the Civil War and the two World Wars, the graves hosted by the Hillside Cemetery reflect fragments of history.