17-Year Cicada

Bun is not only a creative chef but an advocate for healthy eating as well. One of the central themes of his the 17-year cicada dinner evening was eating lower on the food chain and its advantages to our planet and our bodies. The locally caught cicadas were seasoned with an Ethiopian spice mix, smoked and then dehydrated. People truly seemed to enjoy them. Children even compared them to potato chips and popcorn. This nutritious and apparently tasty food provides proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber, while leaving less of an environmental impact.


Eating bugs is not mainstream in the USA. However, anyone who has eaten red colored foods is likely to have eaten the cochineal. These small bugs are used to create red dye for foods, lipsticks and cloth. They may be listed on labels as carmine, natural red 4 or E120.

The Cicada Craze (2013)


Bun received lots of publicity for 17-year cicada activities.

Articles (2013)

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