Greenland Dogs

Greenland Dogs are bred to work. This powerful dog breed originated in Siberia and came to Greenland pulling the sleds of the Thule People over a thousand years ago. Greenland Dogs are genetically identical to the Canadian Eskimo Dog. Greenland puppies typically run free until adulthood when they begin their training process. As adults, these dogs require an abundance of physical and mental exercise and are therefore ideal for hunting and pulling sleds. These dogs can travel quickly over Greenland’s uneven, rocky terrain with ease. Their thick fur consists of a long, water-repellant outer coat and a warm, wooly undercoat, allowing them to live outside in temperatures as low as -75° Fahrenheit (-60° C). Greenland Dogs come in various shades of white, black and brown and typically grow to between 66 and 70 lbs. (30 and 32 kg). These pack dogs are energetic, independent and bold in nature. With a skilled owner, Greenland Dogs can become highly loyal pets.