Kulusuk, Village on Rock

Kulusuk is an island community in southeast Greenland. It is a fairly new settlement, founded in 1909. With a current population of only 267, it is the third largest settlement in the sparsely populated district. Villagers are constantly at odds with the harsh elements of the environment. Located on a rocky island in the Greenland Sea, Kulusuk is exposed to cold northeasterly winds, often exceeding 62 miles per hour and causing frequent flight cancellations at the Kulusuk international airport. Houses balance atop rocky terrain, and gravel roads connecting the airport to the village offer routes for local hunters and hikers. In winter, the most common modes of transportation are dog sled and snow mobile. The soil of the island is considered permafrost: ground that has stayed at or below freezing point for at least two years. Villagers rely on hunting and fishing as well as tourism to support the local economy.