Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Out of Africa Wildlife Park, a wildlife park and zoo in Camp Verde, Arizona, is home to several animals that were previously confiscated, abandoned, illegally obtained or abused. The wildlife park is a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA’s) Species Survival Plan (SSP) Program that manages the breeding of specific endangered species to maintain demographically stable and genetically diverse self-sustaining populations. The wildlife park aims to reintroduce captive-raised endangered species into their native wild habitats. Home to many endangered species, the park aims to protect, preserve and provide for animals like Indochinese and Siberian tigers, African lions, Barbary lion, White Bengal tigers and ring-tailed lemurs. Apart from these, the park is also home to animals like gemsbok and Patagonian cavy that are listed as near threatened. The park also supports protection initiatives abroad, such as preservation of black rhinos and African elephants.