Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden

Located in an oak and cedar grove in the campus of Stanford University, the New Guinea Sculpture Garden is a permanent, outdoor collection of wood and stone carvings created on-site by 10 master carvers from Papua New Guinea.

It’s a collaboration between Jim Mason, an anthropology student from Stanford; landscape architects Kora Korawali and Wallace Ruff; and 10 artists from the Middle Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea, who are members of the Iatmul and Kwoma groups. The artists completed the sculptures in the summer of 1994 after 4 months of residency.

The artworks are large relief carved poles, free-standing figures, and other site-specific works. The carvers used wood that was shipped directly from New Guinea to the United States, and stones from the Mono Lake region of California. Even the indigenous carving tools were shipped to the United States for the project.