Strasburg Rail Road

Just off Strasburg, in Pennsylvania, begins one of the oldest continuously operating railroads in the world, the Strasburg Rail Road. It was built in 1832 and it is now a heritage railroad with steam locomotives and historic wooden coaches still in operation. Around 300,000 passengers use the railroad every year for a ride through the Lancaster County farmland.


The Amish community, which does not use modern technology and follows a simple lifestyle, populates the Lancaster County. Their main activity is farming. Since it started its operations, the Strasburg Railroad has continuously provided freight services to the surrounding rural communities. Today, the service is still available and the main products transported are grains, steel, bio-fuel, fertilizers, bedding and feed additives.


The original purpose of the railroad was to connect Strasburg with the main railroad. Currently, it connects Strasburg with Leaman and the entire journey takes around 45 minutes.