Tiniteqilaaq is a small village located on the edge of the Arctic Circle, within the municipality of Sermersooq in Southeast Greenland. The nearest village is the slightly larger Taiilaq, which is 25 miles (40 km) south. Locals refer to their town as “Tinit.” As of 2010, its population was only 134. The village is one of five surrounding the island of Ammassalik and facing the famous Sermilik Fjord. The village has a helipad, which is necessary for delivering supplies to the remote community and surrounding area. Dogsledding is the most common method of navigating the town’s frozen terrain. In the warm season, kayaks are a popular way to explore the water and go fishing. Whale watching is popular in the spring and summer months. When the water is inaccessible by boat in the winter, the locals go ice fishing by cutting holes in the frozen surface of the fjord.