Village of Color, Tasiilaq, Greenland

The village of Tasiilaq is located in the natural harbor of Tasiilaq Fjord. With a population of 2,017, it is the largest settlement on the east coast of Greenland and the seventh most populous in the country. In 1894, Danish explorers named the area Ammassalik, which translates to “the place with lots of small fish.” However, locals have always called it Tasiilaq, meaning “the place with a lake” and this name was officially reinstated in 1997. Both names reflect the seaside culture of the town, which is known for cod fishing. Sharp mountain peaks with names such as “Sailor Mountain,” “The Priest Mountain,” “Polheim’s Mountain” and “The Pyramid” surround the town. Many blue icebergs can be observed near Tasiilaq from the coast or by boat. In the short summer season, the aptly named “Flower Valley” bursts with the colorful blooms of flowers such as Arctic Bluebell, dandelion, Arctic thyme and the broad-leafed willow herb.