King Penguins

The King Penguin exclusively resides within the Subantarctic belt, in areas including Marion, Prince Edward and South Georgia. The King Penguin shares an acute resemblance to the Emperor Penguin. Classified as the second largest species, adults stand at 28 to 39 inches (71 to 99 cm) and weigh between 20.5 to 40 lbs. (9.3 to 18 kg). Slight sexual dimorphism exists between sexes, with males being somewhat larger than females. Individuals form large colonies, often reaching 20 to 30 thousand members. The most significant difference between King Penguins and other birds is their long breeding cycle, which lasts 12 to 14 months. It is not uncommon for chicks to fast during the winter months. Pairs do not build nests and opt for areas rich with tussocks or gently sloping beaches. Adults are serially monogamous and stay with the same mate for that particular year.