Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

From Queenstown, New Zealand, it is possible to take a helicopter tour of the surrounding area, including Fiordland National Park. As the name suggests, the park features many fjords, which are waterways that were once carved into the earth by glaciers. The most famous fjord within the park is “Milford Sound,” known for its waterfalls and steep bordering cliffs. Other fjords in the park include “Doubtful Sound” and “Dusky Sound,” both named and used as harbors by Captain Cook in his first voyage to New Zealand in 1770. Dolphins, seals and whales live in the fjord waters and many birds inhabit the park, including the flightless kakapo parrot and the kiwi. The park is covered by dense rainforests that are filled with southern beech trees (or Nothofagus), which are native to the Southern Hemisphere. A variety of ferns and shrubs cover the forest floor. New Zealand’s Department of Conservation oversees maintenance and protection of the park.