Mountains of Queensland

Located on New Zealand’s Southern Island, Queenstown is nestled between the coast of Lake Wakatipu and the Southern Alps, making it a popular summer destination for backpackers and hikers. To the south side of the lake is Cecil Peak. This broad mountain reaches 6,489 feet (1,978 m) at its apex. Covered in snow for much of the year, the only trees on the peak are at the base near the lake. Walter Peak is not as grand at 5,900 feet (1,798 m), but is home to the Walter Peak High Country Farm, a popular destination accessible by steam ship. The most famous mountain range in the area are the aptly named “Remarkables.” They can be seen directly across the lake from Queenstown. The highest point of this saw-toothed range is called the “Double Cone,” which reaches 7,600 feet (2,316 m) above the Earth. Many fjords run through these mountain ranges, including the famous “Milford Sound.”