Buff-tailed Coronet

Native to Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia, the Buff-tailed Coronet is a species of hummingbird characterized by glittery green plumage, short bill and brown wing tips. These birds consume insects or nectar from flowers within their environment. Buff-tailed Coronets prefer mid-level forests and reside within many different types of habitat, including elfin forests, cloud forests and paramo, all of which are at high elevations between 4,921 to 7,874 feet (1,500 to 2,400 m) above sea level. Although typically solitary, males communicate with other individuals through a form of vocalization resembling a repetitive “chip” noise. This behavior occurs in open areas, usually away from other hummingbirds. Although the Buff-tailed Coronet shares a feeding area, it’s known to display aggressive behavior in some instances. Males leave after copulation and females lay a clutch of one to two eggs. She incubates the eggs alone and once hatched continues to feed and protect her offspring.