Ecuador: Puerto Lopez

Established in the Province of Manabi, Ecuador is the coastal city of Puerto Lopez. Situated on the Pacific coast, the small fishing village has a population of roughly 16,000 residents. Located 25 miles (40 km) from the town is the small island of Isla de la Plata. The island consists of a total area of 2 square miles (0.77 sq. km). The name “Isla de la Plata” originates from the land’s history, once serving as a pirate hideout. Isla de la Planta has several names; many know it as the “Island of the Silver” or “The Poor Man’s Galapagos.” The uninhabited area possesses vast biodiversity and is home to many species also found on the Galapagos Islands. The diverse environment consists of tropical dry forest, pristine beaches and shrub lands.