Nazca Booby

The Nazca Booby is a species of colonial seabird possessing distinct physical characteristics, including a bright orange beak, yellow iris, grey feet and white plumage. Found throughout the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and as far as Baja California. Sexual dimorphism is prevalent within this species, with females being significantly larger than males. Cliffs with limited amounts of vegetation are their preferred nesting sites. Males first mark their territory and then begin the courtship display to females. The Nazca Booby has a long lifespan but low annual reproduction. Clutch sizes range between one to two eggs, and chicks undergo long developmental periods. Eggs are laid several days apart into makeshift nests consisting of only a few pebbles. The incubation process involves males and females wrapping their feet around the entire egg. Feeding typically occurs near shallow waters close to the shore, but the Nazca booby has been known to plunge dive up to 98 feet (30 m) into deeper waters.