Striated Caracaras

The shores of Chile, Cape Horn and the Falkland Islands are home to the Striated Caracara. Belonging to the raptor family, these birds can reach a maximum weight and height of 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg) and 26 inches (66 cm). The average life expectancy of Striated Caracara in the wild is unknown. Those in captivity can live well beyond 30 years. Breeding season takes place from December until the end of February. Preferred nesting sites are the ground or along cliff edges. Typically, nests are made of vegetation, wool and twigs. Females lay a clutch of eggs comprised of one to four eggs. The incubation period lasts one month. As an opportunistic feeder, the Striated Caracara eats almost anything. As a bird of prey, these winged creatures are avid flyers. While airborne, Striated Caracaras typically reach speeds exceeding 37 miles per hour (60 km/hr).