Fiji: Vatukacevaceva Village

The village of Vatukacevaceva is in the Ra Province, on the northern side of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. Its name is probably inspired by a big rock that lays near the village as, in Fijian, “Vatukacevaceva” means either “the place with many rocks” or “the piled-up rocks.”


The region of Vatukacevaceva is an important spiritual place in Fiji due to the presence of the Naukavadra Range. The Range is considered to be the home of the Fijian Serpent-God, Degei. According to Fijian mythology, Degei created the islands and the humans. He taught them how to harness fire and cook food. He is the supreme God that judges human souls after death.


Both local and international visitors that wish to climb the Range must follow the local traditional rules. They have to present themselves to the chief of Vatukacevaceva Village, give him dried kava roots and request his authorization to enter the sacred site.