Cattedrale di Sessa Aurunca

The Cathedral of Sessa Aurunca is located in the village of Sessa Aurunca in the Campania region of Italy. Construction began in the year 1113, incorporating parts of ancient pre-existing Roman buildings. A broad porch covers the entire front wall of the Cathedral’s exterior. The porch features a pediment with three hanging marble arches supported by columns. Carvings of lions decorate the top of these. The number of arches is significant to the Catholic Church, which celebrates the number three as representative of the holy trinity. The building features several bas-reliefs; these are sculptures etched in such a way that they appear to have depth although they are actually quite flat. The bas-relief above the main entrance features Christ standing between the Cathedral’s Patron Saints Peter and Paul. Many of the bas-relief sculptures in the Cathedral depict scenes from the Old Testament, such as Jonah Being Expelled from the Whale.