Known to many as the “Courtyard of Elements,” the Kunsthofpassage holds many unique attractions found in the city of Dresden, Germany. The area contains a total of five themed courtyards. One in particular consists of art combined with musical instruments. The creators and residents, Christoph Rossner, Andre Tempel and Annette Paul, constructed the unusual work of art out of various sizes of piping, drains and funnels. Paul states that she got the idea from listening to the “rain theatre” created by the pipes in her St. Petersburg home. The intricate layout and design of these components have transformed a gutter system into a musical instrument. Fashioned onto the side of an apartment building in Dresden’s student district, as rain travels through the drains, music is created. Tempel and Rossner found the inspiration to transform rainfall sounds into an Orchestra symphony from the Rube Goldberg Machine, a contraption that links a series of devices to create a Domino effect.