Prague: The Dripstone Wall

Composed of what appear to be hundreds of haunting faces, the Dripstone Wall sits within the Wallenstein Palace. Built in 1630, the Palace formerly served as a private residence for the Wallenstein family. An abundance of geometric gardens forms an intricate network inside the Wallenstein Palace. This garden is further divided into separate areas. “The Grotto” is the most well known and is home to the Dripstone Wall, a massive, man-made wall made to appear as rock or stalactite. Historians have few answers explaining the purpose behind the Dripstone Wall. Many speculate the structure was built merely to entertain guests. However, others believe there is more mystery behind the artificial rock. People often report if one looks hard enough, grotesquely disfigured faces of humans and animals appear. Ancient clues point to the wall potentially containing a multitude of hidden passages.