Ceschetto, Italy

The small hamlet of Ceschetto is located in the province of Caserta within the Campania region of Italy. When the area was part of the Bourbon Kingdom of Naples under Charles III of Spain, it was an agricultural hub known as Terra di Lavoro. Charles III claimed the land in the early 18th century after the War of Spanish Succession and is said to have influenced the area positively through Baroque architecture, stimulation of the economy and limiting the powers of the church. The stately Bourbon Palace of Caserta is located in the nearby town of Caserta and is a prime example of the Baroque design techniques used to create the appearance of multidirectional space. The palace was designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1997. The Baroque Architecture of Bourbon rule can be observed in Ceschetto through the use of plaster and stucco, light, high ceilings and numerous curved archways.