Cycling Utrecht

With its 152 miles (243 km) of bicycle paths, which at the peak of the day carry 37,000 cyclists, Utrecht is a city made for bike riding. Bicycles are the most popular transport option among its population, with 33% using bikes as their main transportation. This is partly because they city’s main economy relies on education, as the Utrecht University is located there. Due to cycling’s popularity, the city has created a plan called “Utrecht – we all cycle” in order to improve cycling quality in its area by promoting security and investing in infrastructure. Part of the plan includes one of the largest bicycle parking lots in the country, with 12,500 spots divided between three floors. Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, reflects another Dutch characteristic as well: there are canals all over the town. Most of them have wharfs, due to the fact that the city was a port during the 12th century. Nowadays, these structures have been transformed into cafes and restaurants.