Islay: Lighthouses

The Isle of Islay, Scotland is home to lighthouses built over a hundred years ago. All seven constructed still operate today. The lighthouse of Port Ellen is the most well known. It was originally established in 1832 by Walter Frederick Campbell to honor Lady Eleanor Campbell. Every 3 seconds, white, green and red light flashes from the lighthouse. The lighthouse of Port Ellen stands 187 feet (57 m), making it the tallest on Islay. The Loch Indaal lighthouse is situated near Port Charlotte. Built in 1869 by Thomas Stevenson and David, it stands at 43 feet (13 m) high. The Rinns Lighthouse is situated on the Isle of Orsay and stands at a height of 95 feet (29 m). White light flashes from it every five seconds. Close to the entrance of The Sound of Islay  sits the Ruvaal Lighthouse. The remaining three lighthouses are not as well known: McArthur’s Head, Carraig Mhor and Eilean a Chuirn Lighthouse.