The Colorful White City

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is the country’s largest city with a population of 1.8 million, accessible by the Sava and Danube Rivers. Due to its geographic location, Belgrade has been a political crossroad and battlefield in over 115 wars. A vibrant nightlife culture and strong creative community have developed, regenerating from the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s. The recently gentrified Savamala district features galleries, design studios and entertainment venues. In 2003, the city’s summer festival held its first ever “graffiti jam,” which has continued under different names ever since. Artists come from all over the world to leave their mark; these jams encourage street artists to use the city as their canvas. From small tags to large commissioned mural pieces, the city itself is an art gallery. Although its name literally translates to “White City,” Belgrade is anything but that.